Diagnosis. Treatment. Consultation. Training.

Mallory Yee, Ph.D.

Licensed Psychologist

Dr. Yee received her Master’s degree in Special Education and her doctorate in School Psychology from the University of Oregon.  While in graduate school, Dr. Yee engaged in research projects investigating child and family well being in families with young children with autism and other developmental disabilities.  Dr. Yee gained extensive experience in schools, providing assessment and consultation services in preschool through high school settings.  Also serving as a therapist in a community mental health center, she provided treatment to families with a variety of behavioral, emotional, and developmental concerns.

Dr. Yee completed her graduate training experience with an internship at the University of Nebraska Medical Center, Munroe-Meyer Institute.  She was responsible for delivering outpatient services (treatment and assessment) in primary care clinics for common developmental and behavioral problems encountered by children, adolescents, and their families.  Dr. Yee completed her post-doctoral residency with Gentry Pediatric Behavioral Services.

Dr. Yee is a licensed psychologist specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of young children and their families with concerns including ADHD, adjustment disorders, anxiety, autism, depression, disruptive school behavior, habit disorders, noncompliance, OCD, and school refusal.  Dr. Yee maintains a strong commitment to providing evidence-based treatment and services.

Dr. Yee has over 15 national presentations and publications on topics including families raising children with autism spectrum disorders, parent training/education, and early identification and treatment of young children with intellectual and developmental disabilities.